Anaheim Hills West MOMS Club
We distribute a monthly newsletter to all our members.  The newsletter includes all the information for the month ahead, including our event calendar to help plan their month of fun!!  

Monthly Activities

Anaheim Hills West MOMs Club offers a wide variety of activities for you and your children to enjoy.  Here is a description of several of our activities.

Park Days

We meet a various parks in our area 4 times a month for a couple of hours.  This is open to all members.

Cooking Club

This is a fun interest group within the MOMS Club.  Once per month we get together to sample and share recipes.  A member volunteers to host the cooking club at either her home or a park.  The hostess selects a theme and those who wish to participate RSVP and note the dish that they will be making.  Copies of the recipes are always requested to share with others.  This is a really fun event.

Activity Days (Field Trips)

Once per month we plan a major outing to a special point of interest. Past outings have included the Irvine Park, Peltzer's Pumpkin Patch, Green Meadows Farm and Taco Bell Discovery Science Center.


Our group schedules a structured tour of a facility or restaurant.  We have been behind the scenes at the Rainforrest Cafe, Krispy Kremes, Carl's Jr....

Kids Craft Day

This fun one-hour craft is scheduled once per month at a local park.  A participation fee of $1 per child is required.

Book Club

Once a month on the varying days this group meets to discuss a book they have choosen to read.  They usually meet at a local coffee shop or a members home.

Moms Night Out

This is a chance for the dads to enjoy quality time with the children.  Once a month moms get together for an evening of fun.  Activities vary, and we welcome suggestions for new things to do.

Service Projects

During the year we provide different service projects for different organizations, i.e., Eli Home of Anaheim Hills, Working Wardrobes, Motel Children and the Orange County Rescue Mission. 

New Member Socials

We gather as an entire club and celebrate our recently joined members.  This is usually a pot luck event.  Everyone signs up to bring their favorite dish.  This is a great way to get to know our new members!!


Each member's children are assigned to a playgroup based on the year they were born.  Twice a month they get together at a location of their choice and the children all play together for 2 hours.  Each member of the group rotates as the host.

Babysitting Co-op

The MOMS Club offers a babysitting co-op for those members who are interested in trading kids on an as-needed basis.  This group meets monthly at a group members home.

Helping Hands (Hospitality)

This group provides support for moms who may have just had a baby, or those who may have a temporary special need i.e. physical disability.  For example, moms provide meals for new moms and babysitting for siblings if needed.

Date Night

This is just for the Moms and Dads.  Quarterly we get together for a nice evening just for "us".  We usually go out to a nice dinner, dinner theatre, or group dinner setting.  This is a great event for the dads to get acquainted with the other dads.

Family Events

This is a our clubs special event of the year.  We get together for an annual "family" picnic.  This is usually a potluck event and you must sign up ahead of time to advise the coordinator what you will be bringing.  We have games, crafts and usually a bouncer too!!  The entire family is encouraged to join in the fun.

We have Seasonal Days too!!

"Around Town"
in Anaheim Hills
These are non-sponsered events by the MOMS Club, but are things to do monthly in our town.
  • Oak Canyon Nature Center - Ongoing events for kids $3.00 per participant.  For info call 714-998-8380.
  • Redwood walk at Carbon Canyon Regional Park - Every Saturday at 8:30am.  Parking is $4.00.  For info call 714-728-0235.
  • Kayak Tours - Upper Newport Bay every Sunday at 10am.  For info call 949-640-6746.
  • Santa Ana Zoo - open 10-4 M-F, 10-5 Sat & Sun.  Cost is $4.00 per adult and $2.00 kids 3-12.   Under 3 are free.  For info call 714-953-8555.
  • Art programs for kids ages 3-5, 10am at the Irvine Fine Arts Center.  The cost is $11.00.  For info call 949-724-6888.
  • Free skate zone "Downtown Skate Zone" in the city of Santa Ana.  Opens at 10am until dusk dalily except for holidays.  For info call 714-765-4501.
  • Irvine Regional Park - 1 Irvine park road in Orange.  Train ride, pony rides, petting zoo, paddle boats, horseback rides, and so much more.  Parking is $2-4.  $3.00 for train and pony rides.  For info call 714-633-1874.

Most of these events are on the weekend and are meant for family time together.

For more information please email us at